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Artificial Intelligence AI-900 Certification
Microsoft Azure

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Artificial Intelligence Course | AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Certification Training

AEM Institute is the Best Azure Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Kolkata for AI-900 Certification with pocket friendly no cost EMI facility. We provide end-to-end project based training and cv rewriting assistance with special interview preparation session completely free for every learner.

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 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course In Kolkata

If you are a fresher or a working professional you may think a career in Artificial Intelligence. Demands for AI manpower is already high. As technology continues to evolve, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course in Kolkata has emerged as one of the most transformative fields. If you are serious about Artificial Intelligence Training in Kolkata and looking for a valid global certification after completion of AI training in Kolkata you may consider AEM Institute as the best AI Course Provider in Kolkata. AEM Institute provides 100% hands On lab and classroom training for Artificial Intelligence Course where you can build varities of Artificial Intelligence Projects within the AI Course. This artificial Intelligence certification Training in Kolkata will make you more confident to attempt AI-900 Certification exam.

Artificial Intelligence Course in Kolkata for AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Certification

As Artificial Intelligence becomes a significant driver of innovation and progress, enrolling in an Artificial Intelligence course in Kolkata can provide you with a competitive advantage in the AI job market. Whether you are a student looking to build a promising career or a professional seeking to upskill, the right Artificial Intelligence course can open doors to exciting opportunities. These AI courses offer comprehensive learning, covering both theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring you are well-prepared for real-world AI challenges.

Artificial Intelligence Course in Kolkata pre requisite

 Key Benefitsof Artificial Intelligence Training AI-900 Certification

 AEM Students are working globally

RedHat | TCS | Wipro | CTS | Accenture | Deloitte | Amazon | PWC | Ericsson and many more.....

 Who is eligible for artificial intelligence course?

  • Developers & App Integrators
  • B.Tech / MCA
  • Project Managers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Computer Science Freshers with python programming knowledge

After completion of this AI-900 Certification you can describe AI workloads and considerations; fundamental principles of machine learning on Azure; features of computer vision workloads on Azure; and features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads on Azure Cloud. You will be comfortable to deploy Artificial Intelligence Application in Azure Cloud.

Artificial Intelligence technology has found applications across a wide range of industries, transforming the way businesses operate and enhancing various aspects of our daily lives. Some of the prominent industries that are utilizing AI technology include:

  • Healthcare: AI is being used in medical diagnostics, drug discovery, personalized treatment plans, and medical image analysis. It helps healthcare professionals make accurate diagnoses and provides insights for better patient care.
  • Finance: In the finance industry, AI is employed for fraud detection, credit scoring, algorithmic trading, and customer service chatbots. AI-powered tools enable financial institutions to make data-driven decisions efficiently.
  • E-commerce and Retail: AI enhances customer experience through personalized product recommendations, virtual shopping assistants, and optimized supply chain management. It also aids in inventory management and demand forecasting.
  • Automotive: Self-driving cars are a prime example of AI in the automotive sector. AI is used for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), predictive maintenance, and intelligent navigation.
  • Manufacturing: AI-driven automation and robotics have revolutionized manufacturing processes, leading to increased productivity and quality control. Predictive maintenance and anomaly detection help avoid unplanned downtime.
  • Marketing and Advertising: AI is utilized for targeted advertising, content optimization, customer segmentation, and sentiment analysis. It enables businesses to deliver personalized marketing campaigns and improve customer engagement.
  • Education: AI is transforming the education sector with adaptive learning platforms, intelligent tutoring systems, and automated grading. It provides personalized learning experiences tailored to individual students' needs.
  • Agriculture: AI is used in precision farming to optimize crop yields, monitor soil conditions, and automate tasks like planting and harvesting. AI-powered drones and sensors aid in crop management.
  • Telecommunications: AI enhances customer support with chatbots and virtual assistants. It also aids in network optimization and predictive maintenance for telecommunication infrastructure.
  • Entertainment and Media: AI is applied in content recommendation systems, video and audio analysis, and personalized content curation, making entertainment experiences more engaging and enjoyable.
  • Energy: AI optimizes energy consumption and grid management, leading to more efficient energy distribution and reducing environmental impact.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain: AI is used for route optimization, demand forecasting, and warehouse automation, streamlining the entire supply chain process.
These are just a few examples of industries that are embracing AI technology. As AI continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, it is likely to have an even greater impact on various sectors, driving innovation and transformation across industries.

What you will Learn in Artificial Intelligence Training?

Section 1: Identify features of common AI workloads
  • identify features of anomaly detection workloads
  • identify computer vision workloads
  • identify natural language processing workloads
  • identify knowledge mining workloads
  • describe considerations for fairness in an AI solution
  • describe considerations for reliability and safety in an AI solution
  • describe considerations for privacy and security in an AI solution
  • describe considerations for inclusiveness in an AI solution describe considerations for transparency in an AI solution
  • describe considerations for accountability in an AI solution
  • identify regression machine learning scenarios
  • identify classification machine learning scenarios
  • identify clustering machine learning scenarios
  • identify features and labels in a dataset for machine learning
  • describe how training and validation datasets are used in machine learning
  • automated machine learning
  • Azure Machine Learning designer
  • identify features of image classification solutions
  • identify features of object detection solutions
  • identify features of optical character recognition solutions
  • identify features of facial detection, facial recognition, and facial analysis solutions
  • identify capabilities of the Computer Vision service
  • identify capabilities of the Custom Vision service
  • identify capabilities of the Face service
  • identify capabilities of the Form Recognizer service
  • identify features and uses for key phrase extraction
  • identify features and uses for entity recognition
  • identify features and uses for sentiment analysis
  • identify features and uses for language modeling
  • identify features and uses for speech recognition and synthesis
  • identify features and uses for translation
  • identify capabilities of the Language service
  • identify capabilities of the Speech service
  • identify capabilities of the Translator service
  • identify features and uses for bots
  • identify capabilities of the Azure Bot service
  • Learn and Identify Project Requirements
  • Concepts of CI/CD with AI
  • Build your own Artificial Intelligence Project

 Microsoft Azure AI-900 Certification Training in kolkata - Upcoming Class Schedule

Start Date Class Timing | Duration Course Fees
23th June 2024 Three Months | 10am-1pm [WeekEnd] INR 15,950/-
7th July 2024 Three Months | 10am-1pm [WeekEnd] INR 15,950/-
9th july 2024 Three Months | 8am-9:30am [Tue & Thu] INR 15,950/-
20th July 2024 Three Months | 8am-11am [WeekEnd] INR 15,950/-
29th July 2024 Three Months | 7pm-8:30pm [Mon & Fri] INR 15,950/-
4th August 2024 Three Months | 10am-1pm [WeekEnd] INR 15,950/-

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 What are the benefits of learning Artificial Intelligence for a Graduate Engineer?

  • By learning AI, a graduate engineer can stand out in the job market and access a wide range of job opportunities in sectors like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more.
  • By mastering AI, a graduate engineer can keep up with industry trends and contribute to innovative projects and initiatives.
  • With AI algorithms and techniques, engineers can analyze complex data, optimize processes, and develop efficient solutions to real-world challenges.
  • By learning AI, engineers can efficiently process and analyze large datasets to derive valuable insights, which are crucial for informed decision-making and business strategies.
  • By understanding AI, graduate engineers can identify opportunities for disruption and even venture into entrepreneurship by creating AI-driven products and services.

 Artificial Intelligence training in kolkata for AI-900: FAQs

How much does Azure Artificial Intelligence course cost in Kolkata?
It costs you INR 15,950/- which is payable in EMI and it includes 100% Hands On Lab, Projects.
Where I can find Azure Artificial Intelligence Training Course Classroom Training in Kolkata?
AEM Institute provides 100% Live Instructor Led virtual classroom Training and Physical Classroom Training in kolkata for AI-900 Certification course.
Which companies providing AI Jobs in 2024?
All Tech Giants are looking for skilled manpower in Artificial Intelligence in 2024. These companies and many others are actively involved in developing and implementing artificial intelligence solutions, and they are always looking for talented individuals to join their teams. Most of the Indian MNCs and startups are also in the same track so it is becoming a rewarding career in coming future.
Is Azure AI a good career?
Azure AI can be a good career choice for people who are interested in technology, have strong analytical skills, and are willing to learn and grow. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career with good job prospects, then Azure AI may be a good option for you.
Do you provide a course completion certificate?
Of course, we do. We will provide you with a certificate based on a few parameters like exam performance, session attendance, etc. upon the completion of your course.