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AI-102 Certification Training in Kolkata for Azure AI Engineer Associate Course

AEM Institute provides TOP Azure Artificial Intelligence AI-102 certification Training in Kolkata with low cost and 100% Hands On Lab. This is the best Azure AI Certification Training in Kolkata for AI-102 Certification exam.

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 Azure AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution Training Course Introduction

AEM Institute offers the best artificial intelligence training course in Kolkata. In our AI training couse in Kolkata we provide Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence Certification AI-102 Training in Kolkata with AI project, AI Interview Preparation materials, free CV Rewriting Service for every learners. According to a report by the 2022 World Economic Forum, the adoption of AI, machine learning, and data analytics technologies could result in the creation of over 133 million new jobs globally by 2025. These jobs include data scientists, data engineers, AI developers, AI consultants, and AI ethicists. These roles require a combination of technical skills, such as programming, statistics, and machine learning, and domain-specific knowledge, such as business, marketing, or healthcare.

Azure AI Engineer Certification Training in Kolkata AEM

AI-102: Azure AI Engineer Associate course Training is prepared to give you necessary skills to get into one of the best Azure Artificial Intelligence job in 2024. These professionals work with solution architects to implement their requirements and with data scientists, data engineers, IoT specialists, Azure administrators, and other software developers to build complete end-to-end AI solutions.

 Key Benefits

Why should yo go for Artificial Intelligence Training?

 Where our Students are working?

Students completed our courses are working in Tech Mahindra | TCS | Wipro | CTS | Accenture | Deloitte | Amazon | PWC | Ericsson and many more.....

 This course is for Candidates having knowledge of C# or Python and should be able to use REST-based APIs and SDKs.

  • Developers & App Integrators
  • Solution Architects
  • Project Managers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Computer Science Freshers

Not confident about your programming skills? Don't worry you can check our python programming training course here.

What you will Learn in Artificial Intelligence Engineer Training Course?

Section 1: Prepare to develop AI solutions on Azure
  • Define artificial intelligence
  • Understand AI-related terms
  • Understand considerations for AI Engineers
  • Understand considerations for responsible AI
  • Understand capabilities of Azure Machine Learning
  • Understand capabilities of Azure Cognitive Services
  • Understand capabilities of the Azure Bot Service
  • Understand capabilities of Azure Cognitive Search
  • Provision Cognitive Services resources in an Azure subscription.
  • Identify endpoints, keys, and locations required to consume a Cognitive Services resource.
  • Use a REST API to consume a cognitive service.
  • Use an SDK to consume a cognitive service.
  • Consider authentication for Cognitive Services
  • Manage network security for Cognitive Services
  • Monitor Cognitive Services costs
  • Create alerts
  • View metrics
  • Manage diagnostic logging
  • Create Containers for Reuse
  • Deploy to a Container
  • Secure a Container
  • Consume Cognitive Services from a Container
  • Detect language
  • Extract key phrases
  • Analyze sentiment
  • Extract entities
  • Extract linked entities
  • Provision a Translator resource
  • Understand language detection, translation, and transliteration
  • Specify translation options
  • Define custom translations
  • Provision an Azure resource for the Speech service
  • Use the Speech-to-Text API to implement speech recognition
  • Use the Text-to-Speech API to implement speech synthesis
  • Configure audio format and voices
  • Use Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)
  • Provision Azure resources for speech translation.
  • Generate text translation from speech.
  • Synthesize spoken translations.
  • Provision Azure resources for Language Understanding
  • Define intents, utterances, and entities
  • Use patterns to differentiate similar utterances
  • Use pre-built entity components
  • Train, test, publish, and review a Language Understanding model
  • Understand capabilities of a Language Understanding app
  • Process predictions from a Language Understanding app
  • Deploy a language understanding app in a container
  • Understand question answering
  • Compare question answering to language understanding
  • Create a knowledge base
  • Implement multi-turn conversation
  • Test and publish a knowledge base
  • Consume a knowledge base
  • Implement active learning
  • Create a question answering bot
  • Understand principles of bot design
  • Use the Bot Framework SDK to build a bot
  • Deploy a bot to Azure
  • Bot Framework Composer
  • Understand dialogs
  • Plan conversational flow
  • Design the user experience
  • Create a bot with the Bot Framework Composer
  • Provision a Computer Vision resource
  • Analyze an image
  • Generate a smart-cropped thumbnail
  • Describe Video Analyzer for Media capabilities
  • Extract custom insights
  • Use Video Analyzer for Media widgets and APIs
  • Identify options for face detection, analysis, and identification
  • Understand considerations for face analysis
  • Detect faces with the Computer Vision service
  • Understand capabilities of the Face service
  • Compare and match detected faces
  • Implement facial recognition
  • Read text from images with the Read API
  • Use the Computer Vision service with SDKs and the REST API
  • Develop an application that can read printed and handwritten text
  • Extract data from forms with Form Recognizer
  • Identify how Form Recognizer's layout service, prebuilt models, and custom service can automate processes
  • Use Form Recognizer's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities with SDKs, REST API, and Form Recognizer Studio
  • Develop and test custom models
  • Create an Azure Cognitive Search solution
  • Develop a search application
  • Create a custom skill for Azure Cognitive Search
  • Implement a custom skill for Azure Cognitive Search
  • Integrate a custom skill into an Azure Cognitive Search skillset
  • Create a knowledge store with Azure Cognitive Search
  • Create a knowledge store from an Azure Cognitive Search pipeline
  • View data in projections in a knowledge store

 How to become an AI Engineer in Kolkata?

AI Engineer job role will be most in demend role in upcoming days. We describe here how you can become an AI Engineer after you take AI Training in Kolkata from AEM Institute.

  1. The first step towards AI Engineer a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field is must have qualification any one completed. It's important to have a solid foundation in computer programming, mathematics, and statistics.
  2. Familiarize yourself with programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++. These languages are commonly used in AI development.
  3. Gain experience in data analysis and data modeling. Understanding data structures and how to manipulate data will be crucial in developing AI algorithms.
  4. Learn about machine learning algorithms and techniques such as regression, clustering, and neural networks. These techniques are fundamental to AI development.
  5. Explore deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) concepts. Deep learning involves neural networks with many layers, while NLP involves understanding and generating human language.
  6. Work on AI projects and gain practical experience. Participate in hackathons, internships, and personal projects to build your skills and develop a portfolio.
  7. Stay up-to-date with the latest AI research and technologies. Follow industry leaders, attend conferences and meetups, and read academic papers.
  8. Consider earning a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence or a related field. This will deepen your understanding of AI concepts and give you access to more specialized courses and research opportunities.
  9. Apply for AI engineering jobs and internships. Companies are looking for talented engineers with strong technical skills and a passion for AI.
  10. Develop strong communication skills. As an AI engineer, you'll need to communicate technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Good communication skills will help you succeed in this role.

 Upcoming Azure AI-102 Training Class in kolkata AEM

Start Date Class Duration | Timing Course Fees
29th January 2024 One Month | 8am-9:30am [Mon-Fri] INR 19,950/-
10th February 2024 Four Months | 1pm-4pm [Week End] INR 19,950/-
25th February 2024 Four Months | 10am-1pm [Week End] INR 19,950/-
7th March 2024 Four Months | 11am - 1pm [Tue & Thu] INR 19,950/-
23rd March 2024 Four Months | 1pm-4pm [Week End] INR 19,950/-

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 Benefits of Learning AZURE AI [AI-102]

  • Improved career prospects: AI is a rapidly growing field, and companies across various industries are seeking individuals with AI expertise.
  • Higher earning potential: Learning AI can increase your earning potential and help you secure higher-paying jobs.
  • Career growth opportunities: AI is a field that offers many career growth opportunities in different industries like Healthcare, Marketing, Production, Social Platform, robotics nd many more.
  • Azure AI has a more mature model of infrastructure in comparison to other cloud AI computing services.
  • Azure AI Engineers are getting more job opportunities than normal AI Learners.


How much does Azure Artificial Intelligence Engineer AI-102 course cost in Kolkata?
It costs you INR 19,950/- which is payable in EMI and it includes 100% Hands On Lab, Projects.
Where I can find Azure Artificial Intelligence Training Course Classroom Training in Kolkata?
AEM Institute provides 100% Live Instructor Led virtual classroom Training and Physical Classroom Training in kolkata for AI-102 Certification course.
Which companies providing AI Jobs in 2024?
All Tech Giants are looking for skilled manpower in Artificial Intelligence in 2024. These companies and many others are actively involved in developing and implementing artificial intelligence solutions, and they are always looking for talented individuals to join their teams. Most of the Indian MNCs and startups are also in the same track so it is becoming a rewarding career in coming future.
Do you provide offline Artificial intelligence Training Class?
Yes. AEM Institute provides offline classroom training for Azure Artificial Intelligence course in Kolkata. You will learn 100% hands on azure cloud AI Services in AEM classroom under guidence of our experienced professionals.
Do you provide a course completion certificate?
Of course, we do. We will provide you with a certificate based on a few parameters like exam performance, session attendance, etc. upon the completion of your course.