AWS Certified Data Analytics (DAS-C01)
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AWS Data Analytics training in Kolkata for (DAS-C01) Certification data analyst course.

Data analyst course offline Classroom Training in Kolkata AEM Office | Instructor Led online Live Training for Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Agartala, Patna and Kolkata.

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  Amazon aws Data Analytics Course Introduction

If you are looking to skill up yourself for best data analytics salary and searching for a suitable data analyst course in kolkata then you are in right place. The AWS Certified Data Analytics (DAS-C01) Certification Training in kolkata AEM is intended for individuals who perform in a data analytics focused role or wish to join a data analyst course in kolkata for enhancing their skills in data analytics domain.This course provide a comprehensive understanding of using AWS services to design, build, secure, and maintain analytics solutions that provide insight from data. Demand for knowledgeable data analytics professionals currently outweighs the supply, meaning that companies are willing to pay a premium to fill their open data analytics job positions.

 What you will learn in data analyst course in kolkata?

This AWS Data Analytics course will teach you professionals skills to:

 Our Data Analytics Course helped Students to find data analytics jobs in companies like ..

RedHat | TCS | Wipro | CTS | Accenture | Deloitte | Amazon | PWC | Ericsson and many more.....

 This course is for

  • B.Tech, MCA, M.Sc
  • Data Analyst
  • Project Managers
  • Consultants
  • Interested in data analyst course

AWS Data Analytics Training in Kolkata for (DAS-C01) Topics:

Section 1: Collection
  • Kinesis - Handling Duplicate Records
  • Kinesis Data Streams vs SQS
  • IoT Overview
  • IoT Components
  • Database Migration Service (DMS)
  • Direct Connect
  • Snow Family
  • MSK: Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka
  • Kinesis vs MSK
  • S3 Overview
  • S3 Storage Classes
  • S3 Storage Classes Hands On
  • S3 Lifecycle Rules
  • S3 Versioning
  • S3 Replication
  • S3 Security & Bucket Policies
  • S3 & Glacier Select
  • S3 Event Notifications
  • DynamoDB Overview
  • DynamoDB RCU & WCU
  • DynamoDB Partitions
  • DynamoDB APIs
  • DynamoDB Indexes: LSI & GSI
  • DynamoDB DAX
  • DynamoDB Streams
  • DynamoDB TTL
  • DynamoDB Security
  • DynamoDB: Storing Large Objects
  • ElastiCache Overview
  • Lambda Costs, Promises, and Anti-Patterns
  • Glue, Hive, and ETL
  • Glue ETL: Developer Endpoints, Running ETL Jobs with Bookmarks
  • Glue Costs and Anti-Patterns
  • AWS Glue Studio
  • AWS Glue DataBrew
  • AWS Lake Formation
  • EMR, AWS integration, and Storage
  • EMR Promises; Intro to Hadoop
  • Presto on EMR
  • Zeppelin and EMR Notebooks
  • Hue, Splunk, and Flume
  • S3DistCP and Other Services
  • EMR Security and Instance Types
  • AWS Data Pipeline
  • AWS Step Functions
  • Intro to Kinesis Analytics
  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service
  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service Performance
  • Athena and Glue, Costs, and Security
  • Athena Performance
  • Redshift Intro and Architecture
  • Redshift Spectrum and Performance Tuning
  • Redshift Durability and Scaling
  • Redshift Sort Keys
  • Redshift Data Flows and the COPY command
  • Redshift Integration / WLM / Vacuum / Anti-Patterns
  • Redshift Security Concerns
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and Aurora
  • Data Visualization
  • Intro to Amazon Quicksight
  • Quicksight Pricing and Dashboards; ML Insights
  • Choosing Visualization Types
  • Amazon Quicksight fine tuning
  • Other Visualization Tools (HighCharts, D3, etc)
  • Encryption
  • KMS Overview
  • KMS Key Rotation
  • Cloud HSM Overview
  • AWS Services Security
  • STS and Cross Account Access
  • Identity Federation
  • AWS Policies
  • CloudTrail
  • VPC Endpoints
  • AWS Services Integrations
  • Instance Types for Big Data
  • EC2 for Big Data
  • Building Analytics Project

data analyst course in kolkata for  DVA-C02 certification

 AWS Data Analytics Training in Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Agartala, Patna AEM - Upcoming Class Schedule:

Start Date Class Timing Course Duration Course Fees
21st May 2023 8pm-9:30pm [weekEnd] Four Months INR 19,950/-
5th June 2023 7:30am-9:00am [Mon-Fri] One Month INR 19,950/-
20th June 2023 7:30pm-9pm [Tue-Thu] Four Months INR 19,950/-
8th July 2023 8am-10am [WeekEnd] Four Months INR 19,950/-

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 Amazon aws Data Analytics Courses FAQs:

How long does it take to get AWS data analytics certification?
Our learning system makes it possible for you to complete relevant hands on labs for AWS data analytics certification and its related concepts learning in 4 months. You can have one more month for project work and certification preparation. So, alltogether it may take 5 months ideally. As learning is a very personalised approach which require time and practice, this time can vary. Ideally most of our students complete it in maximum 6 months span.
Is AWS Certified Data Analytics worth it?
Data Analytics is a versatile field and you can make your career as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, and many more. Almost every sector starting from Advertising to Healthcare, Finance to Education is using data for analysis and decision making purpose. Salaries in this field can be quite competitive, and job growth is projected to be strong in the coming years. Being a prime player in Cloud AWS Data Analytics tools and services are widely used now a days so learning it is good option for your career growth.
What is the salary of AWS Certified data analytics Specialty?
According to various research website in internet the average annual pay for an AWS Data Analyst in the United States is approximately $108,000 a year. AWS Data Analytics Professional salary in India ranges between ₹ 5.2 Lakhs to ₹ 21.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 9.2 Lakhs.
Which exam is required for data analyst?
AWS Certified data analytics Specialty certification exam is the global certification exam required for a career as data analyst.
Do you provide a course completion certificate?
Of course, we do. We will provide you with a certificate based on a few parameters like exam performance, session attendance, etc. upon the completion of your course.