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AWS Certified Solutions Architect
Professional (SAP-C02)| 2024

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Training in Kolkata for (SAP-C02) certification

Top AWS Training in Kolkata for Solutions Architect Professional Certification (SAP-C02) in lowest training fees with no-cost EMI facility. This AWS Professional Certification course includes 100% Hands On lab with resume rewriting assistance. Most of our learners changed job or project after successfull completeion of this course.

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  AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional(SAP-C02)Course Introduction

Are you looking for a rewarding career as AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional(SAP-C02)?
Here you are at right place for this training in Kolkata. We offer AWS Solutions Architect professional SAP-C02 Certification online training Course with best in class lab and projects engagement. This makes our learners fully exposed to latest tools and methodology for Solutions Architect Job in AWS. if you are new to AWS Cloud you may consider AWS Solutions Architect Associate or AWS SysOps Associate Training before joining this program to gain confidence. The projects we offer is at per with latest requirements in cloud industry in 2024 so a candidate complete this project become more confident about the upcoming job roles at work place. The role of AWS Solutions Architect Professional involves designing, building, and maintaining scalable and reliable Cloud Architecture using AWS Cloud infrastructure. As the leading cloud computing platform, professionals with AWS Solutions Architect - Professional are in high demand and get a high salary. Our internal data showed that 68% of AWS professionals reported a salary increase averaging 32% after passing their Solutions Architect - Professional(SAP-C02) certification. We help our students to rewrite resume for their upcoming AWS Jobs and it works magically. This is a complementary service every learner get with their course.
Does AWS Solution Architect require coding?
Simple answer is NO. You won't require any coding experience and languages like Java, .net, Node or Python to work on the AWS cloud as a AWS Solutions Architect - Professional.

AWS Certification
Cost of Training & Certification
Exam format & Duration
Certified Solutions Architect - Professional | Exam SAP-C02
Training Cost: INR19,950 | Exam Cost: $300 Plus Applicable Taxes
75 questions, either multiple choice or multiple response | 180 minutes

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AWS Solutions Architect Professional Training in Kolkata for SAP-C02 certification

 What are the Benefitsof AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification Training in Kolkata?

The best benefits you get with AEM Kolkata:

 AEM Students are working globally

RedHat | TCS | Wipro | CTS | Accenture | Deloitte | Amazon | PWC | Ericsson and many more.....

AWS Solutions Architect Professional Training in Kolkata for SAP-C02 certification

  What are the Topics Covered in AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Training?

Section 1: Architect network connectivity strategies
  • AWS global infrastructure
  • AWS networking concepts (for example, Amazon VPC, AWS Direct Connect, AWS VPN, transitive routing, AWS container services)
  • Hybrid DNS concepts (for example, Amazon Route 53 Resolver, on-premises DNS integration)
  • Network segmentation (for example, subnetting, IP addressing, connectivity among VPCs)
  • Network traffic monitoring
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and AWS Single Sign-On
  • Route tables, security groups, and network ACLs
  • Encryption keys and certificate management (for example, AWS Key Management Service [AWS KMS], AWS Certificate Manager [ACM])
  • AWS security, identity, and compliance tools (for example, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Identity
  • Access Management Access Analyzer, AWS Security Hub, Amazon Inspector)
  • Recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs)
  • Disaster recovery strategies (for example, using AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery [CloudEndure Disaster Recovery], pilot light, warm standby, and multi-site)
  • Data backup and restoration
  • AWS Organizations and AWS Control Tower
  • Multi-account event notifications
  • AWS resource sharing across environments
  • AWS cost and usage monitoring tools (for example, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Pricing Calculator, AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets)
  • AWS purchasing options (for example, Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, Spot Instances)
  • AWS right-sizing visibility tools (for example, AWS Compute Optimizer, Amazon S3 Storage Lens)
  • Infrastructure as code (IaC) (for example, AWS CloudFormation)
  • Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • Change management processes
  • Configuration management tools (for example, AWS Systems Manager)
  • AWS global infrastructure
  • AWS networking concepts (for example, Route 53, routing methods) RTOs and RPOs
  • Disaster recovery scenarios (for example, backup and restore, pilot light, warm standby, multi-site)
  • Disaster recovery solutions on AWS
  • IAM
  • Route tables, security groups, and network ACLs
  • Encryption options for data at rest and data in transit
  • AWS service endpoints
  • Credential management services
  • AWS managed security services (for example, AWS Shield, AWS WAF, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub)
  • AWS global infrastructure
  • AWS storage services and replication strategies (for example Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache)
  • Multi-AZ and multi-Region architectures
  • Auto scaling policies and events
  • Application integration (for example, Amazon Simple Notification Service [Amazon SNS]
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service [Amazon SQS], AWS Step Functions)
  • Service quotas and limits
  • Performance monitoring technologies
  • Storage options on AWS
  • Instance families and use cases
  • Purpose-built databases
  • AWS cost and usage monitoring tools (for example, Cost Explorer, Trusted Advisor, AWS Pricing Calculator)
  • Pricing models (for example, Reserved Instances, Savings Plans)
  • Storage tiering
  • Data transfer costs
  • AWS managed service offerings
  • Migration assessment and tracking tools (for example, AWS Migration Hub)
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Asset planning
  • Prioritization and migration of workloads (for example, wave planning)
  • Data migration options and tools (for example, AWS DataSync, AWS Transfer Family, AWS Snow Family, S3 Transfer Acceleration)
  • Application migration tools (for example, AWS Application Discovery Service, AWS Application
  • Migration Service [CloudEndure Migration], AWS Server Migration Service [AWS SMS])
  • AWS networking services and DNS (for example, Direct Connect, AWS Site-to-Site VPN, Route 53)
  • Identity services (for example, AWS SSO, AWS Directory Service)
  • Database migration tools (for example, AWS Database Migration Service [AWS DMS], AWS
  • Schema Conversion Tool [AWS SCT])
  • Governance tools (for example, AWS Control Tower, Organizations)
  • Serverless compute offerings (for example, AWS Lambda)
  • Containers (for example, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, AWS Fargate)
  • AWS storage services (for example, Amazon S3, Amazon EFS)
  • Purpose-built databases (for example, DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora Serverless, ElastiCache)
  • Integration service (for example, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon EventBridge [Amazon CloudWatch Events], Step Functions)

AWS Solution Architect Professional SAP-C02 Examination Information

There are two types of questions on the exam: Type1: Multiple choice: Has one correct response and three incorrect responses (distractors) and Type2: Multiple response: Has two or more correct responses out of five or more response options. The exam includes 65 questions that is counted for scoring and 10 non scoring questions. We Provide free Practice Test with this course which will make you more confident to attempt this SAP-C02 Certification exam. Its delivery method is either Pearson VUE testing center or online proctored exam and you will get 180 minutes to complete the exam. The cost of AWS Solution Architect Professional SAP-C02 exam is 300 USD in Kolkata.

Best AWS Solutions Architect Professional Training in Kolkata for SAP-C02 certification

 AWS Solution Architect Professional SAP-C02 Training Upcoming Class Schedule in Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Agartala, Patna, Hyderabad.

Start Date Class Duration | Timing Course Fees
16th May 2024 Four Months | 9:30pm-11pm [Tue & Thu] INR 19,950/-
27th May 2024 Four Months | 10am-11:30am [Mon & Fri] INR 19,950/-
2nd June 2024 Four Months | 7pm-9pm [Week End] INR 19,950/-
14th June 2024 Four Months | 8pm-9:30pm [Wed & Fri] INR 19,950/-
22nd June 2024 Four Months | 10am-1pm [Week End] INR 19,950/-

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 What are the Benefits of Learning AWS Certified Solutions Architect?

  • As far as the cloud computing market is concerned, AWS is the ultimate leader. So getting a well-paid job in this field would never be a problem.
  • Solutions Architect Job is being most relevant in this era of Artificial Intelligence also.
  • AWS also had the minimum downtime since 2015.
  • AWS has a more mature model of infrastructure in comparison to other cloud computing services.
  • AWS provides more job opportunities than other cloud providers.

 AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional(SAP-C02)- FAQs

What is eligibility criteria for this course?
You must have at least 6 Months hands on experience in Amazon Web Service Platform and must have AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification for this professional course.
Do you offer demo classes before enrollment?
Our live sessions are offered only to a limited number of participants to maintain the quality standards. Hence, there is no provision for one to participate without enrollment. However, we can provide you with a few sample recordings of our classes to clarify your doubts. You will have to contact us directly for those samples though.
What should be my internet speed to attend the live classes?
The recommended speed is 2 MBps if you want to attend an uninterrupted live class from AEM.
Are your instructors experienced enough?
All the instructors at AEM are industry experts with a minimum of ten to fifteen years of experience in their relevant fields. They are also further trained by AEM to provide a smooth learning experience to the participants.
Do you provide a course completion certificate?
Of course, we do. We will provide you with a certificate based on a few parameters like exam performance, session attendance, etc. upon the completion of your course.