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Microsoft Certified Solution Expert Training

Microsoft Certified Solution Expert ::Duration : 3 Months

 Windows Server Administration Course Introduction

Windows Server Administration is the best option for upgrading career profile from Desktop Support Engineer ti a System Administrator or Server Administrator profile in Microsoft Windows Server Domain.Best option for MCSE training in kolkata is AEM Kolkata. Here WeekEnd | WeekDays Evening | Fast Track Regular Class are available under guidence of Certified and Experienced Faculty.

 Key Benefits

The best benefits you get with AEM Kolkata:

 AEM Students are working globally ..

RedHat | TCS | Wipro | CTS | Accenture | Deloitte | Amazon | PWC | Ericsson and many more.....

 This course is for

  • Network Administrators
  • System Administrators
  • Desktop Support Engineer
  • hardWare Engineers
  • Anyone interested in learning Windows Server Administration

MCSE - Windows Administration Details:

Module 1: Introduction to windows administration :.
  • Introduction to Windows operating systems
  • What is difference between a server and a client OS
  • Importance for Windows updates
  • Client access license CAL
  • Types of Server Editions
  • Prerequisites to Bare Metal Installation
  • Optimum Hardware requirements
  • The various pre-requirements for installing a Windows OS
  • What is partitioning in a HDD
  • MBR and GPT Partition Types
  • File Systems and types of File systems
  • Various Licensing types
  • What is Cloud
  • Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Configuring VM for various volumes
  • Minimum VM sizes for various OS
  • Assigning paths for various applications
  • Assigning Hostnames for the machines
  • IP addressing and Subnet masking
  • Assigning IP addresses
  • Types of Disk
  • Types of Partitions
  • Types of RAID
  • RAID configuration
  • Creating Local Users
  • Creating Local Groups
  • Assigning permissions for Local Users and Groups
  • Types of Local User Profiles
  • Managing profiles
  • Setting quotas for users
  • Types of Policies
  • Implementing security Policy
  • Configuring Policy settings
  • Configure Windows Firewall
  • What is DHCP
  • Adding DHCP server role
  • Creating scopes and super scopes
  • Understanding DHCP options
  • MAC Binding implementation
  • What is DNS and how it works
  • Types of Lookup zones
  • Zone and Record creations
  • Testing Lookups
  • Dynamic DNS as Service
  • What is Domain
  • Purpose of domain creation
  • Installing a Domain Controller
  • Installing a new Windows server forest
  • Configuring Domain settings
  • Active Directory Sites and Services
  • Difference between local and domain Users
  • Creating and managing Domain Users
  • Creating and managing Domain groups
  • Azure Ad user and On-prem AD user
  • Network Share
  • NFS Server & Client
  • Mounting a cloud storage
  • Setting ACL permissions
  • Mounting Cloud Storage Locally
  • Configuring IIS Server
  • Adding IIS server role
  • Configuring and Managing Websites
  • Assigning Aliases names for sites
  • Port forwarding and directory browsing
  • Backup Policy & Types
  • Backup of Windows Server
  • Real Time network / Infrastructure backup & restoration
  • Scheduling Backup
  • Remote Backup Management to Cloud

 Upcoming MCSE Training Class in kolkata AEM -

Start Date Class Timing Course Duration Course Fees
10th Septemver 2022 10am-12pm [WeekEnd] Three Months INR 15,850/-
18th September 2022 1pm-3pm [WeekEnd] Three Months INR 15,850/-
9th October 2022 5pm-7pm [WeekEnd] Three Months INR 15,850/-

- For customized class schedule

 Benefits of Learning Windows Server Administration (MCSE)

  • Most used server infrastructure for Active Directory Services.
  • Easy to get the concepts and hands on implementation.
  • Preferred Server knowledge for Azure Cloud Computing Environment.
  • Microsoft Windows has a more mature model of infrastructure in comparison to other Server OS and services.
  • Windows Administration training provides more job opportunities than other in India.


What if I miss a session?
Our learning system makes it possible for you to access the recorded session at any time of your convenience. In case you need further clarification on anything related to the content, we also have a dedicated support team in place to help you out. Hence, missing a session won’t be much of a problem.
Do you offer demo classes before enrollment?
Our live sessions are offered only to a limited number of participants to maintain the quality standards. Hence, there is no provision for one to participate without enrollment. However, we can provide you with a few sample recordings of our classes to clarify your doubts. You will have to contact us directly for those samples though.
What should be my internet speed to attend the live classes?
The recommended speed is 2 MBps if you want to attend an uninterrupted live class from DevClass.
Are your instructors experienced enough?
All the instructors at AEM are industry experts with a minimum of ten to fifteen years of experience in their relevant fields. They are also further trained by AEM to provide a smooth learning experience to the participants.
Do you provide a course completion certificate?
Of course, we do. We will provide you with a certificate based on a few parameters like exam performance, session attendance, etc. upon the completion of your course.

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