Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Certified Kubernetes Administrator - Training :: Duration : 3 Months
Physical Classroom | Instructor Led Online :: WeekEnd | Evening | Regular Class Available

 CKA Training in kolkata Course Introduction

Kubernetes is one of the most popular container orchestration tools in 2020. The Kubernetes Administrator certification Training will give you a solid foundation of knowledge for Kubernetes Administration skills like installation of cluster, configuration and validation of Nodes & PODs, POD networking, scheduling, Storage and Persistent Storage, security, cluster maintenance, Orchestration concepts and troubleshooting.Here in AEM Kolkatayou will get the Best Hands On Kubernetes Training in kolkata guided by experienced trainer.

 CKA Learn Domain

This CKA course will teach you professionals skills to:

We may also present you with case studies showcasing organizations using containerisation with kubernetes for development of their infrastructures, strategies, and services.

Section 1: Scheduling
  • Use label selectors to schedule Pods
  • Understand the role of DaemonSets
  • Understand how resource limits can affect Pod scheduling.
  • Understand how to run multiple schedulers and how to configure Pods to use them.
  • Manually schedule a pod without a scheduler.
  • Display scheduler events
  • Know how to configure the Kubernetes scheduler.
  • Understand how to monitor cluster components.
  • Understand how to monitor applications.
  • Manage cluster component logs.
  • Manage application logs.
  • Understand Deployments and how to per form rolling updates and rollbacks.
  • Know various ways to configure applications.
  • Know how to scale applications.
  • Understand the primitives necessary to create a self-healing application.
  • Understand Kubernetes cluster upgrade process.
  • Facilitate operating system upgrades.
  • Implement backup and restore methodologies
  • Know how to configure authentication and authorization.
  • Understand Kubernetes security primitives.
  • Know to configure network policies.
  • Create and manage TLS certificates for cluster components.
  • Work with images securely.
  • Define security contexts.
  • Secure persistent key value store.
  • Understand persistent volumes and know how to create them.
  • Understand access modes for volumes.
  • Understand persistent volume claims primitive.
  • Understand Kubernetes storage objects. • Know how to configure applications with persistent storage.
  • Troubleshoot application failure.
  • Troubleshoot control plane failure.
  • Troubleshoot worker node failure.
  • Troubleshoot networking
  • Understand the Kubernetes API primitives.
  • Understand the Kubernetes cluster architecture.
  • Understand Services and other network primitives
  • Understand the networking configuration on the cluster nodes.
  • Understand Pod networking concepts.
  • Understand service networking.
  • Deploy and configure network load balancer.
  • Know how to use Ingress rules.
  • Know how to configure and use the cluster DNS.
  • Understand CNI.
  • Design a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Install Kubernetes masters and nodes.
  • Configure secure cluster communications.
  • Configure a Highly-Available Kubernetes cluster.
  • Know where to get the Kubernetes release binaries.
  • Provision underlying infrastructure to deploy a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Choose a network solution.
  • Choose your Kubernetes infrastructure configuration.
  • Run end-to-end tests on your cluster.
  • Analyse end-to-end tests results.
  • Run Node end-to-end tests.
  • Install and use kubeadm to install,configure, and manage Kubernetes clusters.

 Upcoming CKA Class Schedule

Start Date Class Timing Duration Class Mode Fees
17th August 7pm To 9pm [Mon-Fri] One Month Instructor Led Online Live INR20000
16th August 2pm To 5pm [WeekEnd] Three Months Instructor Led Online Live INR20000

 Benefits of Learning Kubernetes CKA

  • Best for Kubernetes Administrators who want to learn how to develop the Kubernetes ecosystem.
  • Kubernetes is one of the most popular container orchestration tools in 2020.
  • All Leading Cloud Provider use containerisation with kubernetes
  • CKA certification provides more job opportunities than other providers.


What if I miss a session?
Our learning system makes it possible for you to access the recorded session at any time of your convenience. In case you need further clarification on anything related to the content, we also have a dedicated support team in place to help you out. Hence, missing a session won’t be much of a problem.
Do you offer demo classes before enrollment?
Our live sessions are offered only to a limited number of participants to maintain the quality standards. Hence, there is no provision for one to participate without enrollment. However, we can provide you with a few sample recordings of our classes to clarify your doubts. You will have to contact us directly for those samples though.
What should be my internet speed to attend the live classes?
The recommended speed is 2 MBps if you want to attend an uninterrupted live class from DevClass.
Are your instructors experienced enough?
All the instructors at DevClass are industry experts with a minimum of ten to fifteen years of experience in their relevant fields. They are also further trained by DevClass to provide a smooth learning experience to the participants.
Do you provide a course completion certificate?
Of course, we do. We will provide you with a certificate based on a few parameters like exam performance, session attendance, etc. upon the completion of your course.

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