DevOps Expert

DevOps Expert Certification Training

DevOps Expert :: Duration : 4 Months

Physical Classroom | Instructor Led Online :: WeekEnd | Evening | Regular Class Available

 Course Introduction

The Star DevOps Expert (SDE) certification training is the most relevant certification for DevOps practitioners. This certification course will help the learners master the key DevOps concepts including configuration management, continuous integration deployment, delivery and monitoring using DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, and Nagios in a practical, hands-on and interactive approach.

 Learn Domain

This course will teach you professionals skills to:

We may also present you with case studies showcasing organizations using DevOps for development of their infrastructures, strategies, and services implementing CI/CD and Automation.

Section 1: Basics of Software Engineering Agile Methodology and DevOps Process
  • Software Testing
  • Basic Principle of using Agile Methodology
  • Agile Software Development model
  • How Testing and QA Fits in DevOps
  • CI/CD role in DevOps
  • Linux File System
  • Basic Linux commands
  • Process and Job Scheduling
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Remote command Execution
  • IPS Model in Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to AWS | Azure Cloud
  • Building infrastructure for DevOps in Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud Model for DevOps
  • CI/CD in Cloud
  • Configuration Management and Version Control
  • CVCS and DVCS
  • GIT Installation and Configuration
  • GITHub | GITLab Implementation
  • Creating and merging Branch
  • Resolving Merge conflicts
  • Understanding the tags
  • Jenkins installation and Configuration
  • Jenkins User & Plugin Management
  • Understanding the Jenkins workspace
  • Jenkins Unit testing
  • Jenkins pipeline plugin
  • Building pipeline in Jenkins
  • Integrating Jenkins with Repository system for Manual, Scheduled and Automated Build
  • Modular Test, Data-Driven Test, Keyword-Driven Test Automation
  • Behaviour-Driven Development
  • Automated Testing Life Cycle Methodology (ALTM)
  • Selenium
  • JMeter
  • JUnit Framework
  • Appium
  • Building CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins
  • Security Aspects of build Process
  • TeamCity Installation and Configuration
  • Ansible architecture
  • Ansible Modules
  • Manage tasks by Adhoc commands
  • Writing Playbooks
  • Variables And Facts In Playbook
  • Condition & Loop and Notify & handler In playbook
  • Manage Templates file And Roles Structure
  • Vault Encryption In ansible
  • What is Container
  • Difference between Containers and Virtual Machine
  • Docker Installation and Configuration
  • Major Docker Components
  • Dockerfile & Docker Registry
  • Docker Port Forwarding
  • Docker app integration
  • Overview of Docker Compose
  • Docker Hub
  • Creating custom docker image
  • Kubernetes Introduction
  • Installing kubernetes cluster
  • Deploying Container with kubernetes
  • Introduction to Puppet Architecture
  • Introduction to Chef Architecture
  • Building containerised app with chef
  • Introduction to SaltStack
  • SaltKey
  • Working with salt minion
  • Introduction to Splunk
  • Installing Splunk on Linux | Windows
  • Analysing Splunk Data
  • Nagios Architecture
  • Different components of Nagios
  • A typical Nagios Dashboard
  • Installation and Configuration

 Upcoming DevOps Class Schedule

Start Date Class Timing Duration Class Mode Fees
23rd August 10am To 1pm [WeekEnd] Four Months Instructor Led Online Live Training INR20000
22nd August 5pm To 8pm [WeekEnd] Four Months Instructor Led Online Live Training INR20000
25th August 10am To 1pm [Tue-Thu] Two Months Instructor Led Online Live Training INR20000

 Benefits of Learning DevOps.

  • Help organisations to reduce their downtime.
  • Deploy DevOps concepts to respond faster to client needs.
  • Use DevOps tools like Ansible, Chef, Jenkins and SaltStack.
  • AWS has a more mature model of infrastructure in comparison to other cloud computing services.
  • DevOps provides more job opportunities than other domains in related technology.


What is the eligibility?
Basic Linux knowledge with some scripting knowledge and any cloud training or experience is required.
Do you offer demo classes before enrollment?
Our live sessions are offered only to a limited number of participants to maintain the quality standards. Hence, there is no provision for one to participate without enrollment. However, we can provide you with a few sample recordings of our classes to clarify your doubts. You will have to contact us directly for those samples though.
What should be my internet speed to attend the live classes?
The recommended speed is 2 MBps if you want to attend an uninterrupted live class from DevClass.
Are your instructors experienced enough?
All the instructors at AEM are industry experts with a minimum of ten to fifteen years of experience in their relevant fields. They are also further trained by AEM to provide a smooth learning experience to the participants.
Do you provide a course completion certificate?
Of course, we do. We will provide you with a certificate based on a few parameters like exam performance, session attendance, etc. upon the completion of your course.

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