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What will be my optimum ROI?

Optimum ROI will depend on the investment made for business, the revenues earned and the expenses incurred. It really depends on how effectively you can manage your business.

How do I prepare the centre infrastructure? 

As you signup with us our representative would visit your place and handover the guideline for lab setup and other necessary infrastructure setup. If you have already a setup you need little modifications as per our guideline.

Is there an opportunity to set up more than one AEM- ATC?

Yes, it is possible to set up more than one AEM-ATC. Many of our existing Business Partner’s have done so in a very profitable manner.

What is the amount of financial investment needed to establish an AEM-ATC ?

The Minimum initial investment for the project varies from Rs.1-2 lacs . The investment varies with various factors such as the Centre Location, Student Capacity, Duration and the Types of courses to be offered by the centre.

Does AEM offer any financing arrangements?

No AEM don’t offer any financial arrangements.

What would be advertisement cost ?

AEM offer annual advertisements on sharing basis for AEM-ATC.

After how many years will my license need to be renewed?

Every year the license need to be renewed.

What is the minimum manpower requirement to start an AEM-ATC?

The manpower requirement varies and is based on centre capacity and location.
Initially, however, you will need the following:

  • 1 Centre Head.
  • 2 Faculty members.
  • 1 Business executive.
  • 1 Student Counselor.

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